AccidentCam™…made by malaysians for malaysians :)

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how many times have we experienced the traffic jams caused by an auto accident not because of the accident itself but because of the gawking drive-by onlookers? pretty normal occurance in malaysia no matter which state you’re from. call it curious, call it malaysians fascination with gore, call it ‘kaypohchee‘, it’s a fact of life in malaysia. You hear radio annoucements (to move on and don’t stop) and jokes (alex yoong and him slowing down when there’s a crash at the race) about it.

We have products designed “by gamers for gamers” and smart tags (the toll ePayment contactless drive-through system), so along the same line, I now introduce you to a device that would hopefully ease the accident-related traffic congestion the next time an accident happens – the AccidentCam™. With 8x zoom, full spectrum low light mode down to 0.05lux, linux-embeded computerized item-focused & tracking, motorized pan/tilt (200°/70°) 100/s rotating base, 10″ LCD screen HUD, and options of velcro straps, you don’t have to slow down to ‘enjoy coverage’ of the accidents on the affected lane ever again.

The AccidentCam™

Simply mount the device (on your dashboard, roof or wherever you think will get the best view). Direct the camera as you’re coming up the the vehicle(s) involved in the accident (the only interaction needed from you to power up the AccidentCAM™ and start the sequence), and let the embedded computer take over. AccidentCAM™ then uses it’s item-focus lock-on to the spot (targeting is shown on the 10″ LCD HUD) and the camera starts capturing “the moment”. the camera even rotates the full 200° arc to capture the scene as you drive past. you can later review the footage by interfacing it with your personal computer. The joy is in the unlimmited replays, zooming, sharing it with your like-minded malaysian friends and family, and not missing the minute details as you ‘relive’ the accident at the comforts of your own couch.

object-focused targeting & tracking view from the 10″ LCD HUD.

Get your AccidentCam™ today and never miss an accident, no accident-gawking-related-jams, never needing to shift gears to slow down and never being too late to jot down that license plate number to punter at your local 4D/Magnum shop. Now how cool is that? Retailing now at RM299.99 at wherever they’re selling one.

Next up: MatRempitCAM Edition by the same people that brought you Crittercam. Designed by NatGeo in association with Putera Umno chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim :).


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