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August 21, 2006 at 6:16 am Leave a comment

Had some time to catch up on some comic reading over the weekend since my backup P3 system can’t handle much. Managed to track down superman #204 – #215 and i must say that Jim Lee still has his dynamic breath-taking touch which blew me away since i first saw him penciled uncanny X-Men #248.

The issues #204-#215 is a 12-issue story arc titled For Tomorrow written by Brian Azzarello. It tries to portray superman’s darker edgier brooding side. The story opens with a priest questioning his faith in some somber moment and Superman dropping into church to the priest to share his own worries and fears. As the two men grow closer, Superman’s tale begins to parallel that of the priest, who is battling cancer and the journey to accepting themselves as the story begins to take shape. Apparently it all happens a year ago when Superman being called into deep space to assist Green Lantern and on his return find that a million people mysteriously disappeared from the earth, including his wife, Lois Lane in what is called The Vanishing. So throughout the 12 issues, we deal with a more human Superman as we see him in “confession”. The story deals with raw emotions, regrets, doubts, fears, dreams, ethics, sins and a very pissed Superman. Somehow though it doesn’t do it for me. The plot is seems rushed and leaves many questions unanswered about the DC universe continuity.

Conclusion: Great art, horrible story!

Managed to track down Jim’s stint on Batman #608-#619 (Hush storyline arc) and the All Star Batman & Robin with Frank Miller. can’t wait to turn the pages on these two.


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