Woo hooo~ I’m a millionaire!

August 16, 2006 at 3:27 am 1 comment

well that’s what a letter from madrid, spain told me when i checked my post box this morning.

first thing on my mind is who the heck sent me a letter from spain? mios con dios! me no habla espanol nice stamp though 🙂

opening it it informed me that i’ve won EURO 585,510.00. wow!

too bad their graphic header looks like a gif file that has been blown up with full pixalation though :/

great. now how do i claim that money??! never fret. they even included a claims form which i’m suppose to snail mail or fax to this security company called vitalicio de securos s.a.

the best part is that this security company doesn’t have it’s own corporate email address but instead use a yahoo mail account :/

oh well. never mind. ¯\(o_º)/¯

i guess that scammers are now targetting non-net savvy users by snail mailling their scam letters instead of email. oh by the way. further reading on this scam by the Computer Crime Research Center. Meanwhile i’ll try to alert the newspapers if they’ll pick-up this story.


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mobo died & picking up the pencil FBI Letter to Mr. Carlos

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