mobo died & picking up the pencil

August 14, 2006 at 5:23 am Leave a comment

mobo decided to die on me over the weekend. right now im pushing the warranty envelope (last year of 3 years warranty). retail warranty is out (since march of this year) but banking on disti’s warranty and luckily they’re accepting it at the moment. have to wait 1 month coz they’re outta stock though (and the mobo’s a phased-out obsolete DFI LanParty NForce 2 Ultra B). i think that’ll be the last time im gonna get to claim, so right now, i’m starting to budget for a socket 940. geez~ $.$

anyhow since i was pc-less, at least till i could get the backup rig operational, i decided to pick up a pencil and do some doodling. results are as below.

quite satisfied with this piece.

perspective on the right shoulder a little out but it’s a 5minute thingy so couldn’t be bothered to correct it.

lost interest half way XD

aloe hum aloe hum aloe hum…


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