IP over Firewire

August 3, 2006 at 6:06 am Leave a comment

Firewire networking or IPV4 over IEEE 1394 (IETF RFC 2734) is achieved by simply running a firewire cable between two computers’ firewire ports, setting up TCP/IP and static IP address and you’d get a whopping 400Mbps network connection!

The catch is that it’s only supported by newer OSes and native firewire networking is only for IP, not NetBEUI IPX or any other protocol. The max distance between two comps should is also limmited to 15 feet and with repeaters in play the max distance is 237 feet. You can extend it to 40km by replacing the wire in the firewire cable with fiber though but why bother if you can use cable all the way? Another problems is to an IP connection relies on constant IP addresses of the connected devices. If the computers are connected via an Ethernet connection, those IP addresses are simply mapped to network hardware addresses but Firewire node IDs are variable and subject to reassignment whenever a device is added to or removed from the bus but this is beyond the scope of this post. We don’t want to build a firewire LAN but simply connect 2 computer together.

Note: Unibrain S.A has many firewire network solutions if you’re still curious on the latter.


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