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AccidentCam™…made by malaysians for malaysians :)

how many times have we experienced the traffic jams caused by an auto accident not because of the accident itself but because of the gawking drive-by onlookers? pretty normal occurance in malaysia no matter which state you’re from. call it curious, call it malaysians fascination with gore, call it ‘kaypohchee‘, it’s a fact of life in malaysia. You hear radio annoucements (to move on and don’t stop) and jokes (alex yoong and him slowing down when there’s a crash at the race) about it.

We have products designed “by gamers for gamers” and smart tags (the toll ePayment contactless drive-through system), so along the same line, I now introduce you to a device that would hopefully ease the accident-related traffic congestion the next time an accident happens – the AccidentCam™. With 8x zoom, full spectrum low light mode down to 0.05lux, linux-embeded computerized item-focused & tracking, motorized pan/tilt (200°/70°) 100/s rotating base, 10″ LCD screen HUD, and options of velcro straps, you don’t have to slow down to ‘enjoy coverage’ of the accidents on the affected lane ever again.

The AccidentCam™

Simply mount the device (on your dashboard, roof or wherever you think will get the best view). Direct the camera as you’re coming up the the vehicle(s) involved in the accident (the only interaction needed from you to power up the AccidentCAM™ and start the sequence), and let the embedded computer take over. AccidentCAM™ then uses it’s item-focus lock-on to the spot (targeting is shown on the 10″ LCD HUD) and the camera starts capturing “the moment”. the camera even rotates the full 200° arc to capture the scene as you drive past. you can later review the footage by interfacing it with your personal computer. The joy is in the unlimmited replays, zooming, sharing it with your like-minded malaysian friends and family, and not missing the minute details as you ‘relive’ the accident at the comforts of your own couch.

object-focused targeting & tracking view from the 10″ LCD HUD.

Get your AccidentCam™ today and never miss an accident, no accident-gawking-related-jams, never needing to shift gears to slow down and never being too late to jot down that license plate number to punter at your local 4D/Magnum shop. Now how cool is that? Retailing now at RM299.99 at wherever they’re selling one.

Next up: MatRempitCAM Edition by the same people that brought you Crittercam. Designed by NatGeo in association with Putera Umno chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim :).


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file defraggers

Contig from SysInternal is a handy app that lets you do a defragmentation on a single file(or flies) but don’t want to bother running the Windows defragger and waiting overnight for it to finish. Usefull for those who are continiously working on big files. eg. compressing/uncompressing those rar01, rar02 files from bit torrent or adding/removing files to those iso files.

Download from here.

To defrag registry hives, pagefiles and other files that are being locked-down for exclusive access, PageDefrag (also from SysInternal), is the app I recommend.

Download from here

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Control your volume with the mousescroll – Volumouse

Volumouse is a little proggie that transforms your scroll wheel into a volume dial without having to open up the volume control in either the system tray or the media player you’re using (provided it’s supported) or if you don’t have those remote, fancy keyboard with built-in dial or one built-into your case.

the setting allows you to set rules for your scroll wheel so that you don’t lose the abilities of the default scroll function of your mouse when you want it.

download here

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Tutorial-making program – Wink

Extremely useful program i’ve recommended several times. I use it to make quick vids of screencap ‘how-tos’ and converting it to swf (flash) to send to people who just don’t understand written instructions.

quoted from the official site:

Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc) or get to that ‘hidden’ function/setting on your OS. Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users.

It is estimated that Macromedia Flash Player is installed in more than 90% of the PCs. Using Wink you can create content viewable across the web in all these users’ desktops. Similar applications sell for hundreds of dollars, while Wink is free with unrivaled features.

get from here

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Enable Remote Desktop or VNC Remotely

Sysadmins are absent minded people. well maybe that’s a hasty generalization from a sample of n=1. anyway, did this ever happen to you? after finish setting up a freshly-installed Windows Server in the server room, you walk back to your cubicle and then realized that you forgot to enable Remote Desktop (RDP)? well this is if so, then Remote Desktop Enabler from IntelliAdmin is the tool for you. it is a standalone-program that lets you specify the name or IP address of your Server, credentials (you did remember to add your alias/username rite?) and there you go.

download from here

what about VNC? well they’ve got it too with VNCPasswordSet.

download from here

IntelliAdmin Website here.

they’ve got lots of other tools for administrators like disable a local floppy, CD-ROM, USB Drive remotely (which is just basically a front-end GUI for Remote Registry), VNC Navigator which allows you to easily manage your VNC connections, VNC Flaw Test (which allows you test your installation of VNC for the password bypass vulnerability) just to name a few. Some good tips too at the blog for system administration.

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cheat sheets…

there comes a time in every IT support’s life where you need a specific command ASAP but it simply eludes you. well not when you got a cheat sheet lying around handily as a cubicle reference.

while you can slowly list all of them out, lets try not to re-invent the wheel when the kind people at have already done it for us 🙂


Site here.

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comic reading weekend…

Had some time to catch up on some comic reading over the weekend since my backup P3 system can’t handle much. Managed to track down superman #204 – #215 and i must say that Jim Lee still has his dynamic breath-taking touch which blew me away since i first saw him penciled uncanny X-Men #248.

The issues #204-#215 is a 12-issue story arc titled For Tomorrow written by Brian Azzarello. It tries to portray superman’s darker edgier brooding side. The story opens with a priest questioning his faith in some somber moment and Superman dropping into church to the priest to share his own worries and fears. As the two men grow closer, Superman’s tale begins to parallel that of the priest, who is battling cancer and the journey to accepting themselves as the story begins to take shape. Apparently it all happens a year ago when Superman being called into deep space to assist Green Lantern and on his return find that a million people mysteriously disappeared from the earth, including his wife, Lois Lane in what is called The Vanishing. So throughout the 12 issues, we deal with a more human Superman as we see him in “confession”. The story deals with raw emotions, regrets, doubts, fears, dreams, ethics, sins and a very pissed Superman. Somehow though it doesn’t do it for me. The plot is seems rushed and leaves many questions unanswered about the DC universe continuity.

Conclusion: Great art, horrible story!

Managed to track down Jim’s stint on Batman #608-#619 (Hush storyline arc) and the All Star Batman & Robin with Frank Miller. can’t wait to turn the pages on these two.

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