Err…excuse me, you can’t plug it there, that’s not a power point, that’s my PC…

June 12, 2006 at 6:42 am Leave a comment

Chip PC Technologies has come up with the smallest windows-based thin-client computers available to date, the Jack PC (the “smallest thin-client title” actually belongs to Picotux. A Linux box which is a little larger than a RJ-45 socket). The Jack PC thin-client fits into a wall socket, hence it’s namesake, and is so energy-efficient it can actually get its power over Ethernet (roughly 5 watts).

The entire PC sits on two layered circuitboards powered by an AMD 500MHz RISC processor, built-in VGA and/or DVI output that support for 24-bit (true colour) 1280×1024 graphics, 64MB of flash memory, 128MB RAM, four USB ports and 16-bit audio in/out. As mentioned, the Jack PC runs Windows CE and has Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP clients built in. It also has IE 6.0 to connect to web-driven applications and will also support wireless connectivity. Of course being a thin-client, major applications will have to reside on the server.

Great stuff! I wonder when it’ll be available in Malaysia and the most important question of all is how do we get a Linux on it (but with FreeNX or VNC that’s really not a problem) :D.


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