Dawn Of War Tau Mod “Expansion” 1.5 beta

June 8, 2006 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

Finally got it up and running after various tries of patch update, reinstalling and uninstalling DoW (Dawn Of War) & WA (Winter Assault). I suggest you download the 1.5 beta version or the old 1.0 version to play on WA and DoW respectively to skip the troubles of uprading patches which can be grabbed from here. Just skip whatever error messages that crop up (1 on my count when I installed). After skipping the error message, it won’t even complain and you’d be greeted with a Tau Firewarrior replacing your usual Imperium Soldier when the game first loads under this mod.

Impressive is an understatement. Most of the Tau units are beautifully rendered and kick major ass (to the extend of being called a “cheating” race with a couple of glitches in balancing – but i think better (for promotion) to give a new race more powers in beta first then reduce them rather than the opposite.). The buildings lack details and proper shading though and they don’t have their savage up-close-and-personal Kroot minions yet (It’s still in beta so no biggie). The mod also lacks campaign but the development team are working on that in their next update which includes new characters, storyline and even a new terrain.

Screenies will be up later. Right now I’m too busy enjoying pitting my warriors against the other races and painting them on the army painter 😀


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