VMWare Player + LiveCD = Running LiveCD on top of a Live Windows System

June 6, 2006 at 3:34 am Leave a comment

The best things that ever came along, in the world of mobile OS, are definitely LiveCDs. LiveCDs are a great way of checking out new OS, distros or apps without trashing your comp. The second best thing that came along, IMHO, was free virtualization courtesy of VMWare Player. This is especially usefull for lazy arse people like me who don’t want to burn out the ISO, restart the comp, pop the LiveCD into the drive again, boot into the LiveCDs pre-configured environment and reboot to get into our usual OS platform of choice. We can now have ZERO virtualization experience and get up and running LiveCDs on our PC – within a virtual machine – in no time flat. Without much ado, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

1) first off we go and grab our free copy of VMWare Player here and get it install on your system.

2) Download this VM (Virtual Machine) zip file and extract it to any directory of your choosing. It’s only 455kb.

2) Go grab a LiveCD of choice. I settled for Damn Small Linux (DSL) simply because it’s faster to download for this project and my laptop is scarce on free hard disk space. List of LiveCDs download can be grabbed from here.

3) Rename the downloaded LiveCD iso you’ve just downloaded to LiveCD.iso and replace the dummy iso file in the folder you’ve downloaded in step 2 I put a blank file there with that name as a placeholder.

4) Now to start the Virtual machine simply open the vmx file with VMWare Player, create a new profile when prompted and the LiveCD should boot up

For the more technicially inclined, you can check VMXBulider, which is what I used to build the VM file for this exercise.

VMX Builder.jpg


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