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Schedule your Windows shutdown.

Free, open source program gdShutdown2 lets you create a Google Calendar entry with the title of your sign-off option (shutdown, standby, hibernate, restart, logoff or lock (why set the last two options is beyond me). Google Calander is dependent on Google Desktop to function, so get that installed too.

Grab your copy from here


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after a nice cold shower. there’s nothing like it…

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city lights…

companion all through the night.

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free floating…


something about free floating that appeals to the subconcious mind and remnants of memories of in the womb?

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PS Hot Launch = Quick Launch many many things with hotkeys…

With PS Hot Launch you can do many different things with keystorkes. You can run applications, open documents, open particular folders, load URLs and many others (at least till you run out of keystrokes combos). All this can be done via its' menu or pressing self assigned hot keys.

Here is the description of its' main features according to the author's website:

Quick launch of applications from the menu in the system tray;
Quick launch of applications using hot keys;
Logical grouping of commands.
Using separators to make the menu handier.
Quick and handy set-up using drag & drop

And here's a screenie:

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mob justice…


what would drive you to take the law into your own hands? would you take part in mob justice?

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TED + µTorrent = Auto download TV series.

You don’t have cable/satelite and national/private terrestrial TV channels is crap, so if you get your fixes from HDTV-clear-up-to-date episodes off Bit Torrent, then you might wanna try this method out.

1) Go grab yourself TED (Torrent Episode Downloader). Make sure you got Java installed on your machine.
You may want to browse their forum (eg. Torrentspy) to know how to set up the RSS feeder into TED or their wiki. Pretty comprehensive so I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

2) Go grab yourself a Bit Torrent Client that is able to load *.torrent files from a designated folder. (eg. µTorrent, Azereus).

Now after setting it all up, TED will check and grab the torrent file from the torrent site, save it into a designated folder, and your bit torrent client will load it into queue. 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t condone piracy.*cough*cough* Obviously I can’t help your ass from being hunted down by MPAA or RIAA or whatever associations that hunts scummy lousy pirates like you *rolleyes* if you choose to try this out.

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